How To Find A Sample Letter Of Recommendation Template

Most colleges require applicants to submit one to three letters of recommendation. These letters aren’t actually written by the person applying. Instead, you’ll turn to people who know you to write these letters, which are  meant to convince college entrance boards that you’re the best option. Typically, some good choices for letter of recommendation authors include coaches, counselors, teachers, religious authority figures, and employers. These should be adults who know you well, but aren’t related to you and, thus, are more objective in their assessment of you.

Not everyone, however, knows how to write a good letter of recommendation. Some of the people who know you well and could best sing your praises may not be comfortable conveying their thoughts in written form. For these people, you can offer a sample letter of recommendation, so they feel more comfortable helping you get into college.

Where can you find a sample letter of recommendation? Your best resource is the Internet. A number of websites offer samples, which you can review and print out to give to anyone who wants a bit of guidance writing their letter. Make it clear that the things they read are just suggestions, and you want nothing more than an honest reflection of your own attributed.

Since there are so many samples online, how do you know which ones are the best to show as examples? Great letters of recommendation have the following things in common:

  • They talk about your skills and talents beyond what can be seen by looking at your transcripts or a list of your awards and achievements.
  • The writer talks about his or her credibility. How long have they know the student and in what capacity? What is the writer’s position or expertise?
  • The letter should have a clear opening, body, and closing.
  • There should be examples to back up the claims that the the writer makes about your character. For example, if your coach writes that you are a good leader, he can talk about a time when you displayed this leadership on the field.

Make sure the samples you choose display all of these characteristics. In addition, make sure that those writing letters of recommendation have the proper address information so that the letter reaches the right person. Provide an envelope so that the writers can seal their letter if that is more comfortable for them. Some people prefer you to read over their letters before they are sent, while others feel more comfortable if they can send their letters directly to the college admissions committee.

The key with letters of recommendation is to only ask people you’re sure can write a good letter for you. With samples, it isn’t as important that they are amazing writers. What is more important is that they have a strong, positive opinions of you and are excited to talk about your attributes in order to help you get into college.

You can direct those writing letters for you to this website for more tips on writings your letter.

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