How To Write A Letter Of Intent To College

Letters of intent aren’t required by every college, but can help you get into your first choice school. There are actually three main types of letters of intent, so don’t be confused about what to write. First, there is a letter of intent that is written and sent by athletic students who’ve been offered scholarships at certain schools. This kind of letter of intent is more like a binding contract through the NCAA, which ties the student to his or her school of choice. With this kind of letter of intent, you don’t have to worry about wowing anyone; you’ve already been selected to be a student at the school, as long as you say yes.

Writing one of the other two types of letters can be a bit nerve-wracking, however. With an undergraduate letter of intent, you’re sending a brief message that says you’re interested in the school. It is kind of like an introduction of yourself before you send in your application. Yes, admissions offices do keep these letters on file, so it can make or break you when it comes time for them to make a decision. Grad school letters of intent are more intense, however. Usually sent in with your application, this letter serves as more of an application essay, highlighting why you want to attend their school and what you can bring to the table as a student. Grad schools that are interested in you will ask for an interview in most cases, but your letter of intent helps you get your foot in the door. Your college search and application process will be difficult, so here are some tips for writing the letter of intent:

Emphasize what you can bring to the campus. Don’t boast, but talk about you achievements, your talents, and what you plan to do in your time at the college. You want to let the admissions committee know that you’ll be an asset to their program.

Start with the most important information. If you’ve had major life achievements or received awards that fit into the scope of your future education well, mention those near the beginning of your letter so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

Address the letter correctly. If it doesn’t get to the right person through the mail, it might never make its way to the hands of the people who could accept you. If you aren’t sure where to send the letter, call the college and ask to speak to the director or dean of admissions.

Stand out from the crowd. You don’t want your letter of intent to be strange or funny, but you do want to have that “something special” that makes you memorable.

Explain why you want to be a part of the program. Why are you applying to this school? Convey your passion for acceptance to this program, but be careful not to sound like you’re sucking up too much!

These tips can be used whether you’re writing a letter for grad school or an undergraduate program. In either case, stick to one page and don’t forget to proofread! You can find more letter of intent tips from the University of New Mexico and Custom Papers.

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