How To Make Money In College

College students are known for being broke. That doesn’t have to be the case, though, even if your parents aren’t interested in giving you an allowance while you’re at school. With some hard work, you can make money while in college, and according to studies, more and more students are choosing to do so. Here are some great typical – and unusual – options:

Working on Campus

    Few campuses don’t have options for students who want to work. In fact, most colleges won’t turn a single student away, so all you have to do is ask. The best jobs on campus, such as working as assistants for professors, are usually gone quickly, so make sure that you apply during the summer if you want one of those jobs. However, even if you decide in the middle of the year that you want a job on campus, there are likely positions open, especially in dining services. The bonus to working on campus is that you can join a work-study program. With work-study, you can only work a maximum number of hours per semester, but the government will put money towards your tuition on top of the hourly wage you’re offered by your college. It’s a great way to lower your student loans while in college while also earning extra money on the side.

    Working off Campus

      Most college towns and cities have nearby shopping and attractions that hire students during the school year. This kind of job looks great on resumes, since you’re showing responsibility. Keep in mind, however, that outside employers aren’t always as flexible with your hours, so it could be hard to work around your class schedule.

      Participating in Department Studies

        Some departments have studies where you could get paid if you participate. This is most common in the science fields, especially with psychology students. The payment for participating is fairly low, but that extra $10 to $50 isn’t bad when you consider that participating in the studies is generally extremely easy. Usually you just have to perform some tasks while you’re observed or answer a questionnaire. Occasionally, they’ll need to record your vital stats, take blood, or note your weight, height, and so forth.

        Creative Work

          If you’re in school for the creative arts, you can put your projects to use by selling them or otherwise using your talents. If you’re in school for art, approach local galleries to display your work, selling them at the end of the show. If you’re studying music, offer your instrumental or vocal services at weddings or local clubs. You can even work on commissioned projects. Creative work can be turned into cash if you know how to market yourself.


            No matter what your major, it can translate into tutoring. Many schools have tutoring programs for students, so you can sign up and be paid that way, or you can offer tutoring sessions privately from your dorm room or at the library. You can also go out into the community and privately tutor local high school students in topics that should come as second nature to you by now.

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