How To Write Scholarship Thank You Notes

Scholarships are only given out after careful consideration of all applicants, so when you receive funds for college, it is important to thank the donor. Writing scholarship thank you notes doesn’t take much time, but it tells the organizations and business that care about your future how much you appreciate their sacrifice for your benefit. When you write thank you notes for other graduation gifts you receive, don’t forget to include the people who’ve given you scholarships. Here’s how to go about writing the note:

Write the letter by hand on plain stationary. In today’s computer age, it is tempting to type all of your thank you notes, since you’ll just have to replace a few words every time you print. However, this is extremely impersonal, and doesn’t really show the donor that you care about the scholarship. Stay away from strange, immature, or cute stationary and instead, hand write your thank you note clearly on plain stationary.

Address the letter to the entire organization or committee. Although you may have received the scholarship from one person, according to the letter they sent you, there was likely a large committee involved with providing the money for donation and deciding how to distribute the funds. Don’t just thank the head of the committee who signs the letters – thank everyone. You can address the envelope to the person in charge, but your letter itself should clearly thank everyone involved.

Don’t wait too long before sending the note. May and June are probably very busy months for you during your last year of high school, but don’t wait month before sending out your thank you note. By that time, they may think you aren’t going to send a note at all and may question their decision to give you the scholarship. If possible, sit down to write each thank you note the moment you find out you’ve been selected. At the very least, don’t wait more than a month before sending the letter.

Tell the donor a little about you and your plans for the scholarship. Your application likely outlined a bit of information about yourself, but your thank you note can give more detail about what the scholarship means to you. Donors also usually love to hear your plans for the future – where you’re going to college, what your intend to study, and the career goals you have set.

Close the note with another “thank you.” The final paragraph of your thank you note should be to again thank the donor for allowing students to attend college. Really drive home the point that you’re grateful for the money.

Don’t forget to sign the note. You may want to include contact information, depending on the donor. A large, national organization probably won’t keep in touch, but a local business, church, club, or other organization may want to contact you at school to see how you’re doing.

SDSU has a great collection of sample thank you letters if you’re unsure of what to write, and you can find even more tips and samples at this website.

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