What Are The Top 10 Online Universities / Colleges?

When looking at online schools, there are a number of companies and news sources that “rank” universities and colleges according to factors like class size, student resources, and how well you’re prepared for your future career. These lists chance all the time, however, and are highly subjective. Instead, use the following criteria to come up with your own ranking system for online universities and colleges. Remember, the best school for you might not necessarily be the best school for every student.


One of the best characteristics of online schooling is that you have a high degree of flexibility. The top online universities and colleges offer easy scheduling, varied class structure, and the ability to work your education around your work or family schedules. The more flexibility you have, the better!


Just because your online classes are flexible doesn’t mean that there’s no structure. In fact, programs that lack structure shouldn’t rank high on your list. You shouldn’t just be given materials and left to your own devices to figure it out. Each course should be taught be a qualified professor who interacts with students and is available for questions. There should be a syllabus and a clear plan for covering the material in the course that doesn’t just require you to read a number of texts and draw your own conclusions.


Although cost shouldn’t be the leading reason you choose one school over another, it is important to find a school that fits into your budget. Online programs are typically less expensive than traditional campus college programs, but that doesn’t mean they’re inexpensive. Instead of focusing on the bottom line, look at the value of the program. If the tuition cost you’ll pay at one school includes more resources and a high level of work, it might be a better value even if it costs more than other schools.


It’s a common misconception that you don’t interact with other students when you take an online class. In actuality, with the best degree programs, you’ll have lots of interaction with your classmates, as well as your professor. You may be located around the world, but you can still work together via online chat rooms, video conferencing, webinars, and email. The best programs give you tools to communicate with on another, which will enhance your education.

Student Resources

Just because a college is online doesn’t mean that it should offer resources to its students. The best online colleges and universities have alumni groups, networking events, resume and cover letter help, tutors, technical support, and a myriad of other resources that are important to students. Not only should there be a phone number you can call to get help from someone at your school, but you should be encouraged to do so at any time during your education. If you attend a good online college, there are many benefits of this kind of learning over traditional programs.

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